Self-Guided Sightseeing and Scavenger Hunt in Geneva

Discover the charm of Geneva's historic center through a self-guided sightseeing tour that includes a fun scavenger hunt adventure.

Self Guided Geneva Sightseeing And Scavenger Hunt 3


Experience Geneva’s city center with a unique scavenger hunt walking tour. This self-guided adventure lets you explore at your own pace. You’ll find the city’s famous sights and hidden gems using hints, with the app’s map to guide you. At each destination, solve questions about the sight, often hidden in signs or pictures. This is a great way to learn about Geneva in a fun way. Also, enjoy creative photo tasks throughout the journey, earning points for your creativity.

Start your adventure by booking the game and receiving a game code via email. Head to the “Mont-Blanc Rotunda” and use the code to unlock the game in the app. There’s no rush; the experience isn’t time-limited, allowing you to explore leisurely and take breaks as needed. Just download the Explorial-App, reach the starting point, and you’re ready to play. The tour, which typically lasts 1-2 hours, takes you through amazing places like “Rousseau Island,” “Saint-Pierre Cathedral,” and concludes at “The Reformation Wall.”

Why do we recommend this experience:

Booking this unique scavenger hunt experience is recommended for those who seek a deeper, more engaging exploration of Geneva. It’s perfect for curious travelers, adventure enthusiasts, and families alike. This interactive journey sets itself apart by turning sightseeing into an active quest, combining the excitement of discovery with the pleasure of learning. It’s an ideal choice for anyone from solo explorers to couples looking for a distinctive date activity, or families in search of an entertaining outing. Participants don’t just observe the city; they become part of its story, ensuring their visit is not only enjoyable but also uniquely personal and memorable.

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